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SecureCRT 8.0.3 Build 1183

A Multi-Platform Remote Desktop Program, SecureCRT

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SecureCRT 8.0.3 Build 1183

SecureCRT Review:

 It is one of the earliest and advanced tool for establishing secure connectivity to remote computers irrespective of their platform. Secure CRT works across Window, Mac and Linux and allows you to create SSH tunneling to your host computer, access files and documents from every folder and manage other resources. 


 Some of the most essential features are related to session management, apart from security. The new release adds more functionality to the software.
 - You can securely access business applications on your computer remotely, irrespective of the platform and any data transfer occurs privately. It employs rich emulation for Wyse, VT 100/102/220, ANSI, XTerm and Linux consoles.
 - You can configure and manage all your sessions using an advanced Session Manager. It allows complete control over scrollback, security keys, colors, fonts, mappings and more, even with more than thousands of sessions.
 - You can access all your network devices from a single client with enhanced SSH2 tunneling, Telnet/SSL, serial and other protocols.
 - The new release offers enhancements in Import/Export operations.


 It has an inbuilt coder based on a python interface to manage and automate various repetitive tasks. They can be user specific or can be implemented on many clients through a patch. It also supports scripting though VBasic, JScript, Perl in the new release. You can customize your sessions using features like Tabbed Sessions to hold multiple connections together and Tiling to view them.
 - You can transfer files across various remote network devices running on different protocols like Xmodem, Ymodem or Zmodem. There is an inbuilt TFTP server for enhanced support and flexibility during file transfers.


 This is a completely free to use and distribute application built on open source programs. However, you can access this software with many proprietary features free for 30 days without any restrictions. It has a series of pricing schemes depending upon a fixed number of users and varies as the number increases in a batch. It varies between $139.00 to $110.00 between these different ranges. This is an application from VanDyke Software and they provide updates and support round the clock. The installation file for different platforms vary in sizes and owing to its variation, there are a lot of clients for Windows, Linux and Mac. It also offers a bundled offer for SecureCRT+SecureFX on all the versions in each of the three categories.

 SecureCRT is targeted towards business users for extreme security, data tunneling and resource management.

Changes on the new version:
- SecureCRT crashed when attempting to export settings that contained a session with a blank name.
- SSH2: When the SSH2 INI-file-only option "Try All Agent Keys" was set, not all agent keys were tried when connecting SSH2 sessions configured to use public-key authentication.
- SSH1: Public-key authentication failed when attempting to connect an SSH1 session configured to use an RSA key.
- Windows: SecureCRT crashed on startup if a third-party shell extension crashed while loading stock icons from the system.
- Windows: When the session hierarchy contained a lot of nested folders and the Session Manager was configured to auto hide, it opened very slowly.
- Windows: When toggling between new and legacy display themes, SecureCRT could get in a state where the application toolbar contained the new icons and the menus contained the legacy icons or vice versa.
- Windows: If a legacy display theme was being used and the Connect dialog was launched from Activator, the Connect dialog's toolbar did not use the correct version of the icons.
- Windows: When a display theme other than "Native" was used, if the Session Manager was undocked and had focus, SecureCRT could not be closed by clicking the close button.
SecureCRT screenshotSecureCRT screenshotSecureCRT screenshotSecureCRT screenshotSecureCRT screenshot

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